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ConsequencesJust let him go,Watch them have fun.Sit alone and grieve,Lay down your head,For he is gone,He's not coming home,Louis Vuitton Outlet.And the life you hadIs dead,Red Bottom Shoes.Turn off the TV,And lock the windows,Draw the curtains,And shut the door.Turn off the lightsAnd crawl upstairs,Break down,Fall to the floor.Scream his name,He will not hear.He won't answer your call.For he is grown,He's left the nest.And it's your turn to bawl.For he's no kid no more.He won't need Mummy now.Least not when he's outAnd drinkingGetting laidAnd barely thinkingStraight.The only thing that's straightIs the vodka.Burning him from the inside out,And as the "one shot too many"Makes itself known,He passes out on the kerb.He needs Mummy now,But Mummy's not thereHe said "Don't bother.""I'm all grown up".He "knows what's right"He "knows what's best."As he bringsHis night-out up.They're all so wasted,No one sees him.They walk on,He falls away.The street lights fade,The night's now morningBut he's not thereTo face the day.She lies there cryingShe blames herselfFor everythingThat's come to pass.Though she's alone,She has company:Liquor bottles andShattered glass.And as she drinksHerself to sleep,For sleep no longer falls,Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet.She dreams of himAnd she knows why he'll neverAnswer any of her calls.
Her moans are deep and filled with sorrow. She is empty and there is nothing here to borrow, she holds her stomach grabs at her hair. What would it be like if there was no air? Alone she weeps for the one she loves, who has token wings and flew up above. She may not believe in him, she may have lost faith but for all that she is worth she prays that he is safe. Alone and gone cold in her own body nothing here holds the warmth of home. What is she when she is not whole? The ray of sun hidden within she must find the one who can withstand, withstand the troubles her soul carries that weighs her down dragging her to the sea of pain with everlasting color of sorrow and woe surrounding and suffocating holding and squishing the only life she has left. Deep down hidden below its there its glow is warm heated at the core the one and only thing she may adore if only, if only her eyes did not bleed so perhaps she could see what has always been out of reach.
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